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WSP and SBA join forces in Sacramento to help small businesses

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

It’s very humbling and inspiring to see WSP and SBA Sacramento come together to organize such a great event for disabled veteran owned businesses. What a fantastic collection of Speakers!! 

Speakers/Facilitators Catrina Blair - California High Speed Rail Small Business, Small Business and Title VI Program Manager

David Ramil - Veterans in Business Network,President of Pivotal Adaptive Services Utility Asset Management

Elizabeth Perez - California Department of Veterans Affairs, Deputy Secretary of Minority & Underrepresented Veterans

Matt Sumida - Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber, Marketing and Community Relations Manager

Maria Baptista - California Hispanic Chamber,Vice President of Program Integration

Michael Aguillio - Department of General Services, Supplier Outreach, Training and Advocacy Unit

Mike Schremmer - California Capital Procurement Technical Assistance Center,Operations Director